R is for Rose. Reflections from a Passionate Rose Lover
autore: Carolyn Parker
editore: Horticulture Books

formato: 26 x 26 x 3 cm – pagine: 208
confezione: hardcover – peso: 1405 gr
illustrazioni a colori: Fully illustrated
lingua: English
anno di pubblicazione: 2008
ISBN: 9781558707597
prezzo: € 24.90





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In R is for Rose, photographer, author and avid gardener Carolyn Parker takes us on a journey through the alphabet... with roses. Inspired by the beauty of 'Rouletii,' Parker formed a letter R with its flowers, leaves and branches, and soon a rose alphabet was born.
The roses are photographed growing in Parker's own garden or in gardens she has visited around the world, and in stunning arrangements made by her own hand. Each rose shines with its own unique and intriguing beauty through her lens.

Whether recounting the history of Hybrid Teas, interviewing renowned rosarian Graham Stuart Thomas, or describing the sound of 'Pristine' dropping her petals, Parker shares her love of roses in a deeply personal way. The stories of the history and life of each rose gives way to stories that reflect the history and life of each human being. Be it birth, death, creativity, or beauty, human concerns look thoughtfully different when viewed through the lens of a rose lover.