Book of Roses
autore: Alice Caron Lambert
editore: Hachette

formato: 19.5 x 17.5 x 1.5 cm – pagine: 128
confezione: hardcover – peso: 480 gr
illustrazioni a colori: Fully Illustrated
lingua: English
anno di pubblicazione: 2003
ISBN: 9781844300594
prezzo: € 18.90





Illustrations and design: Cooky Debitour. Contains a Bibliography. List of Rose Gardens in the World. 

The rose is the ultimate flower. Discover the origins, myths and legends that surround it and learn how it has evolved as a poetic symbol of beauty, elegance and love througout the centuries. From a siple wild rose to the wonderful creations of today, the rose has never ceased to seduce mankind.
In this book Alice Caron LAmbert describes the queen of flowers from many differnt perspectives: symbolism, history, botany, the decorative arts and even its culinary uses. Complete with gardening tips and a list of useful addresses.