Miniature Roses
autore: Lin Hawthorne
editore: Lorenz Books

formato: 21 x 24 x 1.5 cm – pagine: 64
confezione: hardcover – peso: 470 gr
illustrazioni a colori: Illustrated throughout
lingua: English
anno di pubblicazione: 1999
ISBN: 9780754801245
prezzo: € 8.90





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Roses are one of the world's favourite flowers and in today's smaller modern gardens, w4,ere space is inevitably restricted, the advent of miniature varieties has caused a revolution in rose growing. Their versatility and compact size, combined with an ability to produce beautiful blooms in colours ranging from refined pastels to the most vibrant, allows gardeners with even the tiniest of plots to experience all the joys of rose growing.

Introduction: how to use miniature roses to their best
advantage in the garden and home.
. history of miniature roses
. cultivation ideas: using small roses in the garden, in containers, in the home and in flower arranging

Plant Catalogue: a complete guide with at-a-glance
reference to over 50 varieties of miniature roses.
. botanical description
. height, spread and flowering
. information on the ideal situation for each variety

The Grower's Guide: everything you need to know
in order to cultivate miniature roses.
. buying and selecting the best plants
. planting and propagation
. controlling pests and diseases