Climbing Roses
autore: Andrew Mikolajski
editore: Lorenz Books

formato: 21 x 24 x 1.5 cm – pagine: 64
confezione: hardcover – peso: 470 gr
illustrazioni a colori: 80 colour illustrations
lingua: English
anno di pubblicazione: 1999
ISBN: 9781859675120
prezzo: € 8.90





New. Contains an Index of plant names. No jacket. 

The breathtaking beaty of climbing roses makes them an indispensable part of every garden. At the heigth summer they put on a display of unrivalled brilliance. Because they come in such a wide range of sizes and colours that represents almost the entire spectrum of the rainbow, there is a climbing rose for every situation.

lntroduction: how ro use climbing roses to their best advantage in the garden.
. history of the climbing rose
. a guide ro the different shapes
. design ideas for climbing rogs in the garden
. an ouline of the different grwtth habits

Plant Catalogue: a complete guide with at-a-glance reference to 50 varieties of climbing rose.
. origins of the variety
. botanical description
. planting ideas and conditions
. height and spread

The Grower's Guide: everything you need to know in order to cultivate climbing roses
. buying and selecting the best plants
. planting against a wall or a tree or in containers
. complete guide to pest control
. pruning, training and propagation